Before 2014, for many years Grime wasn’t dead but for a better term it wasn’t popular & profitable. 

Many of the artist who did Grime music were struggling to make ends meet. Making decisions to either leave the genre they loved or quit music all together. 

Then an unlikely hero dropped a single that brought the genre and culture back in the public eye. Meridian Dan “German Whip” Ft Big H & Jme. Produced by HeavyTrackerz.

Now I’m definitely not saying there wasn’t any grime music around before this song. This is just the first song in a long time that had the essence of grime,no pop influence & that mainstream & underground audiences accepted. 

This songs success was unexpected but phenomenonal.

Entered at #13 on the UK singles chart.

2 official videos with millions of views.

A list playlisting on many UK mainstream stations.

It made Meridian Dan an overnight celebrity.

Already known in the gimme scene for his time in Meridian Crew, He was a known presence in mainstream media.

With grime now entering a new golden age I do feel the presence & impact of such an important song has slowly been forgotten. Many people have said this was the first grime song they ever heard.

When the history of this new golden age is discussed this song & Meridian Dan are more & more left out of the conversation.

It feels like many people are jumping forward to Skepta & Stormzy because they are still faces the mainstream notice. That’s a disrespect in my opinion.

I truly believe we wouldn’t of had all this interest in grime & UK black music without this single right here. It made the UK public be openly proud of their music culture. 

From the infectious production to all the artist giving their absolute best. Big H & Jme definitely did not let the side down. 

On the 13th of April it’ll be 4 years since its release. We should celebrate and remind people that this single is widely recognised as bringing grime back to life. I’ll even say bringing UK black music back to life in mainstream eyes.

Meridian Dan may not be in the forefront of the scene but his contribution won’t be forgotten by me and shouldn’t by you.

Liu Scott